Nicaragua Limoncillo Coffee

General characteristics

Region: Nicaragua, Tuma La Dalia, Matagalpa
Processing method: anaerobic fermentation at low temperature.
Altitude: 860-1110 m
Tasting notes: cherry liqueur, pears, blackberries. Balanced taste.

What is anaerobic fermentation? An oxygen-free fermentation process. One of the benefits of storing coffee in an oxygen-free environment is to slow down the fermentation process. The taste formed as a result of this process being unique.

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Fresh roasted coffeeCafea prajita in propriul Roasting Coffee
Coffee originDiversity from all over the globe
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At Tucano Coffee we take the coffee beans directly from the plantation, we process them in our own roaster with dedicated technologists, but the most important thing is the manual processing. Out of respect for you, we will always have an eco-friendly process to offer you an experience, not just a drink.

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