Lime Cheesecake

Fruit Tea 100 g

General characteristics

No more diet, lime is the star! Lime Cheesecake is that super fresh dessert that you always refresh yourself with.

A combination of cream cheese, fine mascarpone and milk biscuits, all scented with lemon and lime and dressed in fluffy meringue pieces. What more could you want?

At Tucano Coffee, cheesecakes are our pride. We produce them in our own laboratory according to unique recipes, without preservatives. The main ingredient we mix everything with is love.

135,00 lei

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Tea for any lifestyleYour daily dose of relaxation
Only the finest qualityThe freshest plant mix for a unique taste
Free deliveryFor orders over 150 Lei


Ingredients: milk biscuits, cream cheese, eggs, lime peel, lemon and lime juice, marshmallows, mascarpone

Allergens: milk, eggs, citrus fruits, gluten

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