Kenya Drip Pack Box with Specialty Arabica

General characteristics

Composition: roasted coffee, ground, packed in a serving filter

Number of envelopes: 8 pieces

Tasting notes: black bergamot tea, sweet taste, moderate acidity, aftertaste with lemon notes

Method of preparation:

1. Unpack the package at the line indicated for opening

2. Loosen the sides of the drip pack

3. Attach the drip pack to the cup and pour over 200 ml of hot water.

4. Enjoy with pleasure!

44,00 lei

Fresh roasted coffeeCafea prajita in propriul Roasting Coffee
Coffee originDiversity from all over the globe
Free deliveryFor orders over 150 Lei


Drip Pack is a high quality coffee, which you can take and prepare in a cup, anywhere. It contains ground coffee from Ethiopia and a filter. The roasting of the coffee is average, it is the ideal degree of roasting to fully reveal the taste of the coffee. from your cup, enjoying the coffee you will feel an accentuated acidity and a lemon taste.

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