Entrepreneur’s Coffee

General characteristics

Taste profile: notes of citruses, red currant, tomatoes, and pine, fruit sweetness, high acidity.
Origin: Kenya, Kiambu
Roasting profile: medium, for the alternative methods
Growth altitude: 1600 m.
Processing method: washed
Bag quantity: 200 gr

37,00 lei

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Fresh roasted coffeeCafea prajita in propriul Roasting Coffee
Coffee originDiversity from all over the globe
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Waking up in the morning with all the community issues on your shoulders is driving you bonkers? Does the balance between business and family life gives you a total burnout? Take your energy dose from Entrepreneur’s Coffee to easily run with the hare and hunt with the hounds.

Brought straight from Kenya, our coffee with notes of black tea, with bergamot and baked plums helps you get everthing moving. A sweet coffee with mild acidity due to lemon notes, for a pleasant atmosphere and succesful meetings.

At Tucano Coffee we take the coffee beans directly from the plantation, we process them in our own roaster with dedicated technologists, but the most important thing is the manual processing. Out of respect for you, we will always have an eco-friendly process to offer you an experience, not just a drink.

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