Barista Recommendation Coffee

General characteristics

Taste profile: notes of green apples, grapes, and dried fruits, pudding with strawberries aftertaste, balanced taste, sweet caramel.
Origin: Brazilia and Etiopia
Roasting profile: medium, for the espresso method
Growth altitude: 1000 – 1600 m.
Processing method: natural, sun-dried
Bag quantity: 200 gr

39,00 lei

Fresh roasted coffeeCafea prajita in propriul Roasting Coffee
Coffee originDiversity from all over the globe
Free deliveryFor orders over 150 Lei


You’re riding high and never giving up on quality? Let yourself guided by the true coffee masters by choosing the Barista recommended coffee. In the Brazil and Ethiopia mix, they found that kind of fine coffee, matching their taste. Try it and see why.

Brought directly from Brazil and Ethiopia, our coffee with green apples, grapes and dried fruits notes is that kind of good coffee that has passed the test of time. A balanced coffee, with a fluffy strawberry aftertaste, for unique experiences for both beginners and connoisseurs alike.

At Tucano Coffee we take the coffee beans directly from the plantation, we process them in our own roaster with dedicated technologists, but the most important thing is the manual processing. Out of respect for you, we will always have an eco-friendly process to offer you an experience, not just a drink.

Because connoisseurs always drink the best coffee!

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