Combining new technologies and a strict quality control, reverent attitude and love to what we do, today we can provide our guests with truly savoury coffee.

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Classic Coffee beverages are time proved based on espresso beverages, they are in the menu of every Specialty coffee shop worldwide.

Go to a coffee shop in Japan, ask for a cappuccino and they will bring you a cup with a beautiful drawing on glazed milk. Say “latte” in Denmark and you will get your cup of delicious coffee with milk. Ask for espresso in Australia and, no doubt, you will get your little cup of flavored coffee with beautiful elastic crema, sweet flavor of faint tincture of almond, wild berries, fruits, with a long rich aftertaste. Order americano and they will add some hot water to that espresso.

Come to us for a flat white and you will get a delicious coffee and a smile from our barista. Because it’s a classic, it’s loved and respected everywhere.

Iced Coffee Beverages are the best way for coffee lovers to refresh themselves in summer heat.

We can offer beverages that fit every taste. For lovers of classic there is Iced Americano or Iced Espresso, fans of coffee with additives will love Iced Latte and Iced Cappuccino, and for sweet teeth we have Fozyccino – a beverage made of coffee and ice cream decorated with whipped cream on top.

Specialty Coffee. Classic always stays eternal classic, but for the lovers of experiments we have original beverages which we create specially for our guests.

Every season, together with weather changes, comes with changes in our menu. In winter we warm our guests. In spring we support blooming nature, and our coffee also blossoms with flavored floral beverages. In summer we add a lot of ice for a refreshing taste, and in autumn we put flavorful fruits and nuts in every cup. But there are some beverages in our menu which don’t depend on the season. Cocos Raf with chocolate and coconut, Tucano Vanilla Raf with cream and vanilla, Crème-Brule and Cannabis Coffee – coffee with condensed milk and cannabis seeds syrup – these beverages became our calling card.

Alternative Coffee Brewing Method is a method to brew coffee without using espresso machine, which helps to release and show all complexity of a bean.

Today there are several dozens of such methods. For our coffee shop we chose two methods – Chemex and Pour Over V60. Their specific feature is that a filter filled with ground coffee set on a funnel or a retort, a barista pours hot water through that filter and eventually we enjoy citrus Kenya or spicy flavor of Brazil or even maybe sense a flavor of black tea and strawberry in Ethiopia.