For years we were captivated by the colorful culture, rich history and nature loving living of the Native Americans. We also had a passion for good coffee.

Our love for culture led us to travel around the world and gave us the opportunity to try countless cups of coffee and meet all types of people. Wherever we found a small coffee shop, we found a precious and unique environment. We loved the beautiful aromas and goodwill of visitors who were enjoying the coffee and talking without any sense of hurry.


All these experiences served as decisive factors in the creation of the coffee-shop concept. Tucano Cofee, based on an ethno design, atmosphere and the culture of the coffee producing countries.


Our motto, now famous in our coffee communities’ worldwide, was inspired by the era of rock’n’roll and hippies when people craved a return to purity of nature through love, pacifism, and freethinking.

Specialty Coffee

In order to develop and promote the culture of true, high quality, freshly roasted coffee, we use only 100% Specialty Arabica from locations such as Africa and Latin America. As members of SCA, we can guarantee our coffee is grown in ecologically-clean conditions, hand-picked, processed without chemicals, and comes exclusively from the highlands of the best plantations in the world.
In 2010 an exceptional and creative team was gathered, and work on the first coffee shop in Chisinau began. The Republic of Moldova being a transit country between East and West is a perfect place for creation of a new concept. A place with a pleasant vibe and a good feng shui was chosen in the center of an old city, and in November 2011 the doors of the first Tucano coffee shop opened.
  • Specialty Arabica

    Specialty Coffee – is a culture of growing, processing, roasting and making coffee beans.
    Being members of SCA we make coffee only from selected 100% Specialty Arabica, which grows at plantations in regions of Africa and Latin America only in ecologically-clean conditions in highlands, is hand-picked and processed without using chemicals.
  • Tucano Roastery

    We work only with 100% Specialty Arabica, which we roast by ourselves in Tucano Coffee Roastery, and we are proud of using only freshly roasted beans!
    We roast in two styles: monosorts have lighter color during roasting process and meant for home or manual brewing. This way of roasting allows a bean to open up as much as possible and exert all its flavors. And an espresso blend which we roast darker and then make it in La Marzocco espresso machine.
  • Tucano Espresso Mix

    Tucano Espresso Mix – is a blend created by specialists of Tucano Coffee which allows us to make an exceptionally delicious espresso revealing all complexity of coffee.
    On its base we make a huge range of coffee beverages giving our every guest an opportunity to find their favorite flavor.
  • Filtered Water

    We use only filtered water which is safe for health.
    Water goes through several steps of cleaning and all the hazardous substances such as salts, heavy metals, chemical elements and others, deposit inside the filter.

Philosophy & Values

At the moment we are the international chain of coffee shops promoting its philosophy Love.Peace.Coffee. all over the world.
Our contacts



Is how we respect our guests and foster dynamic communication, long-lasting friendship and mutual understanding.


Is our special warm and intimate atmosphere where anyone can get cozy and read a favorite book, be efficient working on a laptop or share time with close friends. Tucano Coffee is a creative ground for the realization of ideas, so we also welcome seminars, masterclasses, movie screenings and musical festivals.


Of course, at the very heart of Tucano Coffee there is a passion for high quality, freshly roasted, flavorful coffee. Just as important, is our tremendous respect and appreciation for the exotic cultures and traditions of localities where it is cultivated.

Our values

  • Wow

    When we say, “wow,” we mean two things: creativity and an out-of-the-box approach to ideas and plans. We are constantly trying to surprise and exceed the expectations of our guests, team members and partners. We do our best to innovate and avoid superficial solutions, offering our guests the best specialty coffee served along with a wow atmosphere and an experience that will always motivate and inspire. The amount of coffee we produce or the number of stores we have around the world will never be as important to us as making every moment spent at Tucano just Wow.
  • Open

    • We believe in unconditional honesty, trust and transparency - because we know that’s the right thing to do. Our business figures are made available to everyone and we quickly admit when any part of our team makes a mistake. We are confident this will create an environment of mutual loyalty and trust with our partners and guests.
  • Green

    • We love Nature. It’s a source of inspiration and energy for us. We love fresh air, hiking, rivers, spring flowers and mountains. We try to take care of Nature as much as we can and we want to inspire our Guests to do the same. We always try to help and support each other both at work and out of it. We promote friendly and warm atmosphere based on cooperation and responsibility. We rely on each other, work together and pursue our goals together.
  • Team

    • We value families. Strong families are sources of joy and help everyone survive the hardships of life. The team at Tucano Coffee is a second family for employees. We help each other through personal and delicate issues. We promote a friendly and warm atmosphere, based on collaboration and responsibility. Most of all, we respect individuality and we trust each other.
  • Simple

    Being simple allows us to appreciate the small, but beautiful things around us. It also means realizing where the limits are and not becoming pretentious.

Our mission

We strive to create a new type of coffee shop - a creative coffee space.
For us, this means more than places where specialty coffee is served. Our creative
coffee spaces inspire and transform our team of employees, guests, and partners. They become more open, connected and creative, simpler and greener.

Our vision

To open, by the end of 2021, 300 creative coffee spaces with best atmosphere in the world!
By the end of 2021, we want to open 300 creative coffee spaces with best atmosphere in the world!
For us, having the best atmosphere means achieving a 9.5 on Likewise, we strive for winning the best café design award of


Ruslan Cojocaru, CEO
Global Marketing Department,
Alexandr Umarov, Regional Representative CIS | +7 953 375 15 70
Vitalii Cecan, Development Manager | + 373 68 983 791
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