Love is MAGIC!

Love is magic and it’s hard to define it in words. It is a beautiful feeling that gives you wings, inspires you and rediscovers you. When you love and are loved, every day is special, but we will help you make the days different and unique, namely through the emotions you will give to your…

Cinnabomb Coffee – a little magic in your cup!

Snowflakes, the fire in the fireplace, gifts under the Christmas tree and the hot drink Cinnabomb Coffee perfectly complement the landscape and atmosphere of the winter holidays. Cinnabomb Coffee has a delicate, woody cinnamon tasted in combination with coffee, caramel and whipped cream on top. The white cream in your cup awakens your imagination and…

We are an international coffee shop chain promoting Love.Peace.Coffee. philosophy all over the world.

As we are the members of SCA (Speciality Coffee Association) we're making coffee only from selected 100% Specialty Arabica, that is growing on African and Latin American plantations.
They have ecologically-clean conditions situated on highlands and that is hand-picked and processed without using chemicals.

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It is a place created to make people life interesting, turning its bright colors and flavors on weekdays, and on weekends to make it even more intense and memorable.

Tucano Coffee

We're willing to avoid the word „Franchisee” and decided to call it a Partner. Tucano coffee is more than just business for us, it is a way of life and a possibility to make our guests, team members and our partners happier.

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Our coffee shops were created to make people’s lives more interesting, giving them bright colors and adding exceptional flavors in the usual days, and the resting days become more consistent and unforgettable.